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Grace Freedson

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Before becoming a literary agent, Grace Freedson held a number of positions at Barron's Publications, where she acquired books in the areas of test prep, business, cookbooks, health and fitness, and career guidance and education.

In 2000, she launched her agency, Grace Freedson's Publishing Network. Freedson's authors have published highly successful books in the business and lifestyle categories, including career, self help, nature, and culinary arts. Your book proposal will be a fit for her if it's on one of those topics.

Here are a few sample quotes from our interview with her:

"The universe has gotten very small and with the stroke of one finger you can connect, if you're known in your industry and you know others in your industry... with 50,000 people like nothing."

Freedson mentions something I hear frequently—a 'no' from an agent today doesn't mean they might not say 'yes' six months from now:

"The thing I always counsel writers is that if I tell you this now, when we're on June 30th, I might be telling you a totally different story next January because trends can change on a dime and everybody has to react to an anticipated turnaround in our economic situation."

She also says that you don't always have to be well-known for agents to be interested:

"I think people are definitely on the lookout for good solid stories, good solid like a perspective on things that hold their interest. I think sometimes it's a really tactile phrase in that it means different things to different people."

And finally, Freedson makes it clear that a well done book proposal stands out:

"Do [your] homework and put together [your] proposal, [your] personal proposal with care and pride so that it is presented to me with every component in place... Make [your] trip into the book store to do a competitive analysis that shows [you] really know what else is out there in the marketplace that could be perceived as competition... Really know [your] market for [your] book, although I think if a potential writer conveys their sense of personal pride in their product, I sense that very quickly rather than a person who is slipshod in their approach."

For Grace's contact info, as well as a free list of more than 100 literary agents who are looking for authors at this moment, fill out the light blue form on the top right hand corner of this page.

And if you want to know how to write a book proposal that will really impress Grace, and to hear my full interview with her, (as well as interviews with four other agents), sign up for Agent University: The Ultimate Guide to Landing the Best Agent for Your Book and Your Career. You'll get 6 CDs, plus an additional 9 hours of interviews (both audios and transcripts) for free.

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